We’re not just vendors, we’re collaborators too. In fact, that’s what we like most about our work – the latitude to explore new ways of thinking and visualizing concepts, data and processes that are hard, if not impossible to describe otherwise.

14 Steps – “simplified”

  1. Our approach begins with creating a story out of what our client wants to communicate.
  2. Next we pen a treatment, generally one or two pages that describe what the animation will look like.
  3. We’ll check-in with our client to ensure that we are on track and on budget, then make changes where necessary.
  4. The script is next which ties any voice over, music to the animation.
  5. Storyboarding and style framing is next which outlines the imagery we need to create and ensures our client is on board with the direction.
  6. Recording voice overs and creating animatics furthers the project – giving us a sense of how objects will work together.
  7. Next we build basic 3D models and animate them
  8. Adding textures, adjusting lighting and add camera perspective.
  9. Lastly, we render the video, tying it all together and complete the process with post-production.

No one will see any of these steps until you want them to. We post all work throughout the project to a password-protected website for review and comment, making it easy to track progress.

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